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At Riverdale Therapy I provide individual, couples and family counseling. Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Therapy, and Psychotherapy are used to address the needs of my clients. I often use an eclectic approach, (which refers to the use of a combination of the therapies previously listed) because it affords me more flexibility and allows me to customize and tailor the therapy you receive so that our sessions together can better address your specific needs. It doesn't matter whether you are an individual, couple or a family who is seeking counseling because no two individuals share the same exact story, nor do different couples have the same exact relationship issues, and no two families have the same dynamics that come together to cause the perfect storm. To solve all the different issues presented to me by my patients means there is no one therapy that can help every person. I take the time to understand you, I listen patiently to your presenting problems and ask you to express your painful emotions so I can fully understand why you are feeling angry, stressed, unhappy, sad, or depressed, before formulating a treatment plan that addresses your priorities. My areas of expertise are listed below.

  • Couples Counseling/Relationship issues.
  • Family Counseling for biological families, families that have merged together as a result of a remarriage or commitment of living together.
  • Substance Abuse & Eating Disorders
  • Stress & Anger Management
  • Personality disorders.
  • Anxiety /depression

Grief Therapy is offered to those who have lost people in their lives that were very close and dear to them and I give supportive talk therapy to comfort them while they go through the grieving process

Coaching, supporting, and guiding clients who have no direction or who are changing their career path is something I engage in with my clients and together we brainstorm to find their strengths and come up with new ideas that need to be put into motion. I help people figure out which field they are best suited for and/or help them understand which educational certificates or degrees need to be obtained in order for them to pursue a meaningful career or profession.

Are you feeling like you are stuck in a rut and that life seems like a losing battle? I can help you get unstuck and encourage you to find a more peaceful and fulfilling future.

I offer a highly personalized approach to therapy by getting to know who you are and why you came to therapy in the first place. I listen, I watch and I process everything that you share with me, because that allows me to better understand what you are intending to accomplish in a therapeutic setting. Once I understand your presenting problems and find out what goals you are seeking as a result of coming to therapy, I  can decide on the type of therapy and/or combine different therapies (referred to as an eclectic approach) that will make your treatment meaningful and helpful in terms of reaching your goals. Together, my patients and I prioritize goals that you, the client, feel are your priorities. I am confident that together we can work on issues that are making you feel "stuck" in a life where you seem to be spinning your wheels and repeating negative patterns. I am a dedicated professional who wants your life to be better balanced so you can sail through life more smoothly. Once again I ask: Are you feeling like you are stuck in a rut and that life seems like a losing battle?  Learning coping skills and anger management are just some of the tools that I can train you to use during difficult days. Getting "unstuck", whether it is you alone who feels "stuck" or you are in a relationship that is too difficult to manage, can begin to get better when you work with an experienced therapist. I want it to be easier for you to be your personal best in each and every role that you have taken on in your life. Want to be a better spouse, daughter, son, worker, boss, friend, teacher, etc? These are all roles that we play during our lifetime.

Everybody plays a different role and many of us wear many different hats and are constantly changing roles. One minute we are playing "boss" or "employee" at work and then we come home and have to shift gears so that we can play our role as "father", "mother"  and/or "spouse",  but the stress and hardships of life weigh us down and prevent us from being our personal best. The quality of your life can improve and your personal best can become better.  I can help you to learn how to mange your problems; hence making it easier for you to navigate through your complicated life. The reason I can do this is because I have been referred to as "the most dedicated therapist" by many other agencies, psychiatrists, psychologists, professors and most importantly by my patients. "Most dedicated therapist" is a highly paid compliment and I am regarded as such because I lend a supportive and empathic ear that is constantly listening to you in a compassionate, caring, genuine and concerned manner. To sum it up: Port Counseling Center in Port Washington, New York awarded me with a special service award for "Outstanding Service" and announced that: Lorna gets this award because her patients know she really cares which is why she has the least amount of 'no shows'."  Dr. James from South Shore Counseling in Wantagh, New York gave me "most dedicated" as my password to their computers.

To make an appointment call (917) 270-9595 or e-mail me at [email protected]. All calls will be returned within 24 hours. sun spike

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